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Less Water, Better Wash: The Superiority of Commercial Washes

Sep 14, 2013 // by admin // Blog, Car Wash // No Comments

Conserve Water with Commercial WashesPersonal attention lends a luxurious air to any service; it is for this reason that many people think hand car washes are superior to commercial car washes. When a car is washed by hand, it receives the personal ministrations of either a professional car washer, or a car owner who cleans his vehicle with love.

But if you think washing your car by hand is a better option than cleaning it commercially, then research has proved you wrong.

In this economy, everyone is looking to trim expenses in some way. For some, cutting costs is a matter of coupon clipping, for others saving is a matter of cutting back on unnecessary purchases. Members of the latter group who have cut costs on professional car washes in favor of washing by hand will be surprised to find that their attentions are negatively affecting the car itself and our environment.

Researchers at both the Technical University of Munich and the University of Texas at Arlington have proven that hand washes inflict severe damage on the paint of all cars. After inspecting cars that had been through either process, microscopes revealed the paint jobs of cars that had been through a hand wash resembled a cratered landscape, with scratches reaching a depth of one-tenth of the paint job. Conversely, cars post-commercial wash had scratches that extended only 0.0003 mm in depth after 25 washes. That’s a notable and important difference.

Not only does washing your car by hand at home ruin the luster and longevity of your paint job, but it also pollutes the local environment. Unlike the water that enters sanitary sewers, the water that enters storm drains is not treated before it is channeled into oceans, lakes, and other bodies of water. That means the chemicals in the runoff from your home car wash are deposited into the water and soil of your local landscape, prime for poisoning those sites and wildlife.

The average homeowner uses 116 gallons of water to wash his car.

In a year that began with the driest January-March period on record, opting for a professional carwash–which uses 60 percent less water for an entire car wash than a homeowner uses for just the rinse–sounds like a great idea.

With all this in mind, do yourself a favor and save time and labor, your car’s paint job and the environment: wash your car commercially. No matter where you are, there will be decently priced carwashes that will help you save on maintenance later.

Beach Cities Car Wash provides exemplary care for decent prices. Its location is accessible for patrons in Marina Del Rey, Culver City, and Venice, so it is a prime establishment to hit on your way to or from work. Beach Cities provides quick and easy car washes as well as car detailing, depending on your car’s special needs.

The Acid Rain of L.A. May Mean the Death of Your Car’s Paint Job

Aug 14, 2013 // by admin // Blog, Car Detail, Car Wash // Comments Off on The Acid Rain of L.A. May Mean the Death of Your Car’s Paint Job

As any Angelino can attest, Los Angeles is not a city accustomed to rain. Oh, we know the basics, like not to wash our cars before it rains and that as far as driving is concerned, the first day of rainfall is the most dangerous, but there are also serious misconceptions about the way rain affects the paint on a car. It is obvious that rain can never replace a commercial car wash as far as efficiency, but it’s not uncommon to hear someone remark cavalierly that they’ll opt to let the rain rinse off his or her car rather than get the car washed after the rain has abated. The idea is that the rain will at least rinse a light layer of dust off of the car, giving the automobile a dust-free shine. But all water is not created equal, and rain in Los Angeles is a particularly inferior brand of that life-preserving liquid. If you are under the impression that allowing the rain to wash the grime off your car is a reasonable alternative to washing your car commercially, think again. In fact, that rain settling on your car may actually be irreparably damaging your paint job.

Acid rain is a term that sounds decidedly dramatic. Though it conjures horrific images of B-movie horror films in which characters are doused in corrosive acids, the reality is much more pedestrian. Because we live in an area of heavy smog and pollution, our rain potentially contains the components necessary to classify it as “acid rain.” And once this type of rain gets on our cars, the acid concentrates on the paint as the water dries. According to the EPA, studies show that acid rain can scar automotive coatings. Not only that, but after the acid concentrates onto the coating of your car and the liquid evaporates, the dried acid is reactivated every time your car gets wet, causing more damage.

What are the best ways to combat the Los Angeles acid rain problem?

First, try and keep your vehicle out of the rain as much as possible. Either park it inside your garage, or if that’s not possible, purchase a protective cover for your automobile. The best option is investing in an eco-friendly commercial wash to keep your car clean, as well as paying the extra money for a protective coating post-wash that can defend your car’s original finish.

If you’re looking for a conveniently located eco-friendly car wash on the west side, Beach Cities Car Wash is the car wash for you. We offer protective coating as well as various waxes post-wash to ensure that your car is protected while looking its best.

The effects of acid rain can force you to invest in a whole new coat of paint for your vehicle. Save yourself the trouble by keeping your car clean the right way. Stop by Beach Cities Car Wash on your way home today.

Car Washing Experts: Come to Beach Cities Car Wash Today!

Jul 1, 2013 // by promo_admin // Blog, Car Wash // Comments Off on Car Washing Experts: Come to Beach Cities Car Wash Today!

Car Washing ExpertsSometimes it’s best to leave certain jobs to the experts; washing your car is one of those jobs.  Nowadays, a lot of people are trying to do things themselves.  While this initiative is certainly to be applauded, it’s not often well-executed.  With car washing, people usually think all they need is a single wash cloth and a bucket of water. They don’t understand why you need more than one bucket, or why you need to regularly switch out the water, or the need for car shampoo, mitts or different cloths.  More often than not, after someone washes his car, he’ll just leave his car soaking wet; this results in unwanted spots left on the vehicle.

The point is, there’s a lot more that goes into washing a car than the average person thinks – from choosing the right shampoo to choosing the right brushes and cloths.  The car washing/detailing experts at Beach Cities Car Wash and Detail know how to treat your car right.  Whether it’s a basic car wash or a wash and detail package, Beach Cities will make sure your car is properly cleaned and dried using the right methods and products.

If you’re thinking to yourself that getting your car washed takes too long or just isn’t in your budget, think again.  Beach Cities Car Wash and Detail not only offers professional car washing and car detailing services in Venice, it also makes car washing affordable and convenient.

You can go to our website and schedule an appointment ahead of time, or you can also print one of our coupons and save on our car wash and detailing services.

So the next time your car needs a good cleaning, leave it to the experts: come on down to Beach Cities Car Wash.  Our car wash and detailing experts will deliver far better results than any DIY car wash hands down.

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