Beach Cities Carwash uses the industry’s best in polishes and waxes so your car shines like California’s sun.


Being the best is all about what you know, and we at Beach Cities Car Wash know that a good carwash is more than just a bucket of soapy water and a sponge. The experience you’ll have at Beach Cities Car Wash involves more than just cleaning your car. We wash your car with care and provide you with the confidence you need to drive down LA’s gold-paved streets. You and your car will enjoy the genuinely pleasant and satisfying car experience you both deserve. In a place that always seems to be sunny, a dirty car is impossible to ignore, so we wash your car with the industry’s best in polishes and waxes for the ultimate sun-reflecting luster and protection.


Los Angeles is all about standing out, so stand out for the right reasons. We sure do: Beach Cities Car Wash will always use the best equipment, solutions and soft materials to effectively and safely maintain the appearance and the care of your automobile. We at Beach Cities Car Wash run the finest carwash and detail on the Westside due to our state of the art facility and exemplary customer service. We care about our cars as much as we do our customers. We go the distance: all full service washes include a wash and towel dry, inside and outside, window cleaning, interior carpet vacuuming and a dash and console dusting.

All exterior washes include wash and blow dry only, but sometimes that’s all you need to show up the competition. Don’t feel left out of the process, either. Our facility offers a viewing panel that allows full visibility during your car’s wash. We also have an outdoor patio area for those sunny days when reading a newspaper during your carwash sounds like the perfect escape. Check out our complete list of services for additional options. Drop by or make an appointment today.





All prices are “starting at” for regular size vehicle. Pick ups, mini vans, suv’s and crossovers will be $1 – $2 extra. Heavily soiled vehicles will also be extra.