Got a nice car? Keep it that way. Go to Beach Cities Carwash and show your car the love it needs.

Your car will always be the most loyal of companions. It takes you from place to place with only the rarest complaint. Anticipate what your car wants by scheduling a custom detail at Beach Cities Car Wash. We know you want to look good while out on the town, so our business motto and car care policy is simple, “Make You Happy.” Every day on the road is a new experience, which means every day on the road offers new possibilities for what can get stuck to your car. With over 16 years of experience in the auto detailing industry, we’ve seen everything from hard water spots, oxidation, scratches, swirl marks, tree sap, eggs, road paint and more. We can handle any challenge you throw at us, so bring it on and bring it in! We have built a solid reputation for producing high quality auto detailing through honesty, integrity and a service driven attitude. The car industry is tough, so we can deal with the toughest stains and marks you bring our way. We’re here to serve you and your car. Let us do our jobs, so you can do yours without worrying about the state of your automobile. You’ll have people wondering how you keep your car so clean.


Don’t forget: Beach Cities Car Wash is a professional automotive detailing  company. We only use the highest grade professional products and spot free water. We offer everything from pure carnauba wax details to synthetic polymer sealants. Our recommendations for your vehicle will vary based on a number of factors including season, the color of your vehicle, housing, location, and more. When you need it done right the first time, come see us. Our full list of detailing services is below. Make an appointment today.



All prices are “starting at” for regular size vehicle. Pick ups, mini vans, suv’s and crossovers will be higher. Heavily soiled vehicles will also be extra.