Detailing Your Car Can Transform it From Used to Luxury

A professional detailing can transform even a junker into a vintage beauty.

Ever driven past a vintage Rolls Royce Corniche and wondered why it still looks so darn cool? It’s not just that it’s a RollsWhat makes vintage cars so cool, so impossible to look away from, is the fact that they’re so sleek, they’re so pretty, and they’re so clean. Because what’s the difference between a vintage car and an old junker? Maintenance and cleanliness. Even in LA, it’s not necessary to trade your car in every five years. If you keep it clean and maintain the functionality, you may stumble into the coveted status of a car-owner who knows that presentation is everything.

A decent car that is well-maintained and cleaned regularly can command as much respect as a neglected luxury car, if not more. All you need is to take your car to the right place to ensure that it is cleaned with care and periodically detailed so every aspect of your car looks its best. And in  West Los Angeles there is no better place to wash and detail your car than Beach Cities Car Wash in Venice.

No doubt you’ve heard many arguments for not detailing your car, prime among them the opportunity to save money. What you should know is that, when compared side-by-side, a clean car and a detailed car present vastly different levels of care. Detailed cars practically glow, and after getting a detail at Beach Cities Car Wash, you will practically glow with satisfaction.

Our workers are all professional car detailers and know the tricks necessary to make your car appear its absolute best. We can get the dust deposits out of your car’s crevices, apply the best polishes to your top coat, and help restore your interiors. It’s always the little things that will make your car look old, like grimy headlights or scratched up door handles, so let us care for your car. You wouldn’t go out in public with bird droppings in your hair or mud caked into your interior, so why should your car?

At Beach Cities Car Wash there’s no reason to deny your car the right to look its best. Make an appointment with our professional car detailing team today.