Drive Through Fun at Beach Cities Car Wash

The Drive Through at Beach Cities Car Wash Will Take You Back to your Childhood.

Do you remember what it was like to be a kid? The way everything was an adventure; everything was about how much fun you could have in that moment; everything was novel and made you want to say, “Wow”? We’re often preoccupied with the big life concerns hovering just over the horizon, but more often than not, it’s the little things in life that improve our moods and bring us back to that childlike state.

When you come home and your child or significant other has unexpectedly made a batch of perfect chocolate-chip cookies or when you travel and see the largest building you’ve ever seen, you realize that state of perfect childhood joy and amazement is often just one possibility away. But occurrences even smaller than these have the potential to take us back to that childlike feeling. One great way to reward yourself with a brief moment of pure relaxation that will plunge you back into that youthful spirit is to stay in your car during a drive through car wash.

Recognizing that every adult is just looking for brief moments of childlike reflection, Beach Cities Car Wash in Venice has filled its location with pirate-themed décor, even in the drive through. If you’re taking your child, they’ll have a blast, and if you show up without a little one, you can still sit back and enjoy the simplistic fun just as much.

After driving onto the drive through track, putting your car in neutral and taking your foot off the brake, you can listen to music (maybe the Jaws soundtrack? No, of course, it has to be Pirates of the Caribbean) and smile in childlike delight as water pours over your car. Imagine you are (safely) exploring inside of a lake or driving through the moors of some far away land. Soon, the washing paddles and various oversized sponges will gently rock you and your car into a delightful problem-free state of mind.

At Beach Cities Car Wash taking amazing care of your car is our primary concern, and taking care of you is a close second. Allowing you the opportunity to let your imagination to run wild is an important key to providing a quality car washing experience. A drive through car wash provides you with ample opportunity to enlist your imagination for a little escape. We polish your car until it sparkles inside and out, and we provide you with the opportunity to block the world out for a few choice minutes. Voyage over to Beach Cities Car Wash today and we’ll treat you to a relaxing cruise, a pirate adventure, or a whaling trip overseas. The possibilities are endless just like our customer satisfaction.