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Beach Cities Carwash: Keeping your car looking great

Taking care of your car is our top priority. Beach Cities Carwashes gives you the professional treatment. It’s no secret – you love your car. It’s gotten you to important interviews, helped you return home on an empty gas tank and it’s even managed to start when any other battery would have called it quits. […]

Beach Cities Car Wash Coupons on The Lucky Deal

At Beach Cities Car Wash we know a good car wash should never be exorbitantly priced. We don’t make our money by charging you the price of a new engine just to get your car looking its best; we make money because customers like you have acknowledged our friendly and sincere customer service and appreciate […]

Detailing Your Car Can Transform it From Used to Luxury

A professional detailing can transform even a junker into a vintage beauty. Ever driven past a vintage Rolls Royce Corniche and wondered why it still looks so darn cool? It’s not just that it’s a RollsWhat makes vintage cars so cool, so impossible to look away from, is the fact that they’re so sleek, they’re so pretty, […]

Drive Through Fun at Beach Cities Car Wash

The Drive Through at Beach Cities Car Wash Will Take You Back to your Childhood. Do you remember what it was like to be a kid? The way everything was an adventure; everything was about how much fun you could have in that moment; everything was novel and made you want to say, “Wow”? We’re […]

Car Washing Experts: Come to Beach Cities Car Wash Today!

Sometimes it’s best to leave certain jobs to the experts; washing your car is one of those jobs.  Nowadays, a lot of people are trying to do things themselves.  While this initiative is certainly to be applauded, it’s not often well-executed.  With car washing, people usually think all they need is a single wash cloth […]

The Acid Rain of L.A. May Mean the Death of Your Cars Paint Job

As any Angelino can attest, Los Angeles is not a city accustomed to rain. Oh, we know the basics, like not to wash our cars before it rains and that as far as driving is concerned, the first day of rainfall is the most dangerous, but there are also serious misconceptions about the way rain […]

Less Water, Better Wash: The Superiority of Commerical Washes

Personal attention lends a luxurious air to any service; it is for this reason that many people think hand car washes are superior to commercial car washes. When a car is washed by hand, it receives the personal ministrations of either a professional car washer, or a car owner who cleans his vehicle with love. […]